Early Study

In October 2019, I published my second book “Frühstudium – Vom Klassenzimmer in den Hörsaal” (engl. “Early Study – From Classroom to Lecture Hall”) via my own publishing company.

The “Frühstudium” is a program offered by most German universities, which enables pupils to attend lectures beside high school and also to take exams, which can be taken into account, when studying latter on.

The book is giving both, insights into my own experiences from three years of early study in physics at TU Dresden and an overview of the program throughout Germany. (German only)

Education in Change

In December 2016, I published my first book “Bildung im Wandel” (“Education in Change”) via Books on Demand, a German self-publishing company.

Usually, books about education are written by politicians, educationalists or other experts. This book I wrote after graduating from high school, taking the pupils’ perspective. It describes current challenges and illustrates new pathways towards future learning and changing education paradigms. (German only)