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Hi, I’m Benjamin πŸ‘‹

I’m an Associate at Lunar Ventures, helping technical founders to turn their sci-fi vision into reality πŸš€

We invest pre-revenue at pre-seed/seed stage in computer science moonshots e.g. in cryptography, machine learning, databases, developer tools, and much more.

If you’re a technical founder whose struggle is to explain your vision to investors, we set up a fund for you. Please contact me on LinkedIn or via email: (professional matters) or (private matters).

Before joining Lunar, I completed my Ph.D. in theoretical physics at the age of 24, wrote two books about education, and I am bootstrapping a publishing house: Visual Ink Publishing.

I love traveling, reading, writing, and photography, and I am writing blog on Startups Shaping the Future of Computing


I’m this fall traveling to a couple of startup conferences – let me know if you’d like a catch-up at any of those:

05 – 08/10/2022 Infoshare 2022 | Gdansk, Poland

11 + 12/10/2022 Nordic Deep Tech Business Summit 2022 | Helsinki, Finnland

24 – 26/10/2022 Valencia Digital Summit | Valencia, Spain

15 – 17/11/2022 PUZZLE X | Barcelona, Spain