Benjamin Wolba

Welcome to my Personal Website

I am helping technical founders to turn their sci-fi vision into reality.

That's why I am working as an Associate at Lunar Ventures, a Berlin-based venture capital firm. We invest pre-revenue at pre-seed/seed stage in computer science moonshots e.g. in cryptography, machine learning, databases, developer tools, and much more.

If you’re a technical founder whose struggle is to explain your vision to investors, we set up a fund for you. Please contact me on LinkedIn or via email:

Before joining Lunar, I completed my Ph.D. in theoretical physics at the age of 24, wrote two books about education, and I still bootstrapping a publishing house: Visual Ink Publishing.

I also love traveling, reading, and photography.


I am interested into a broad range of topics that may serve as conversation starters

  • Startup & Entrepreneurship
  • Reseach & Physics
  • Python Coding & Data Science
  • Quantum Tech & Computing
  • Future of Education
  • Sustainability & Digitalization

Some of my most favourite books include


These side projects I am pursuing in my spare time – let me know if you can help with any of these in some way.

Ben's Planet

My planet is my knowledge hub: Here, I share what I learn about physics and beyond as blog posts.

Stochastic Processes

Together with Prof. Benjamin Friedrich I am turning the notes of his lecture on 'Stochastic Processes' into a book.

Visual Ink Publishing

I have founded a small publishing house, publishing books in the realm of education – completely open-source.

Early Study

When I registered for the program "early study" at TU Dresden as a pupil, I would have never imagined finishing undergraduate studies in physics three years later.

It all began with a lecture about experimental physics in the first term. After passing its exam, I continued freshly motivated to participate in early study in the following terms. Driven by curiosity and thanks to the constant support of both my high school and university, I completed courses originally not intended for early students and took exams of lectures I could not attend.

After three years, I had finished the Bachelor of Science in physics. During these three years, for sure, I have learned tons of physics. But, more importantly, I have also learned to manage myself and handle multiple projects – reliably, persistently, simultaneously.

In 2019 I wrote the first book about 'Early Study.'

What began as a pilot project around the turn of the millennium inspired universities throughout Germany with its success and prepares early students today for tomorrow's studies.

Based on three years of my own experience and a recent survey by the Deutsche Telekom Stiftung, this book tells a story of how early study can succeed.

Check it out