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How I can help

TL;DR – If you think I can help you, feel free to reach out on LinkedIn or via e-mail at (private matters)

1) Give feedback on your startup idea or pitch deck

I can help you with feedback mainly at the early stages of ideation, customer validation, and prototyping, and within the realms of pure software deep tech (machine learning, time-series analysis, SAAS, …) and hardware-enabled software businesses (quantum/neuromorphic computing, LiDAR, magnetic resonance imaging, …) and education tech.

2) Make introductions to people I know

If I know the contact, the request is reasonable, and I can confirm they would want the intro, I am happy to give you an intro – just have a look at my LinkedIn or our Lunar portfolio companies.

If you are seeking a job and want me to introduce you to a company I know: Write me 2-3 sentences about who you are, why you would like to work in what role (or a cover letter) alongside your CV, and any other material that may be useful.

3) Give a talk or workshop on:

  • Special needs of deep tech startups: How to make sure you are building a product rather than a research project
  • Go-to-market strategies for deep tech startups: How to build a startup when you don’t have revenue for the first three years  
  • Recent trends in quantum computing: What VCs are looking for in quantum computing moonshots and why achieving a genuine quantum advantage is so challenging
  • Transitioning from academia/STEM to the startup/VC world: experiences, hacks, strategic considerations

4) Write a blog post + newsletter for

If you are working on a deep tech startup pushing the boundaries of computing, I am happy to interview you for about 30 minutes and write a blog post + newsletter about your startup. It’s free PR!

The spectrum of what I consider the “future of computing” is rather broad, from artificial intelligence to quantum computing and edge computing.

Thanks to Jacob Kaplan-Moss and Will Larson for putting up similar pages and inspiring this page.

Last but not least: A good read on how VCs can be helpful