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Wanted: Cofounder

You’re looking for a technical co-founder to raise venture capital and build a unicorn? Great, let’s have a chat! Drop me an email at or connect on LinkedIn.


I am a physicist, editor of the Future of Computing blog, and after two years in deep-tech VC at Lunar Ventures, I am preparing to found a startup later this year, looking into either

πŸ‘‰ joining a deep-tech startup spinning out of uni as a co-founder with VC experience – pretty open, ideally it’s computing-related, but it’s really about the potential of the technology and the team,

πŸ‘‰ or, continuing with my own startup plans, where I’m currently figuring out how to make RnD departments more productive – that’s gonna be enterprise SaaS but selling to RnD-heavy companies.

I am also open to greenfield ideation – if you have a great insight into how to build a unicorn, maybe you can get me excited about the opportunity πŸš€


Forces that pull in opposite directions cancel each other out πŸ˜‡ So, I think it’s important to be aligned as a team and pull in the same direction so that, ideally, 1 + 1 > 2. This means being on the same page on what we’re building, how to build it, and what success looks like.

I am looking for someone who wants to raise venture capital, commit full-time to a startup, and build a company with a huge, world-changing impact. If you would rather bootstrap a company, build a lifestyle business on the side, or feel your opportunity cost is too high if you’re missing out on a high salary, this is clearly not you.

Personal Qualities

Some qualities that I’d appreciate a lot in a co-founder:

  • Being proactive: actively pushing for progress
  • Ambition: wanting to build a company that is going to change the worldΒ 
  • Solution-oriented: arguing for the sake of finding the best solution, not for its own sake
  • Reliability: punctual, trustworthy, honest – simply being reliable
  • Overcommunicate: let me know that you have received a message, even if you don’t have time to answer πŸ™‚


Having a complementary skill set makes for a stronger founding team. I am not primarily looking for someone with specific skills – that’s what you hire employees for. But, of course, it wouldn’t hurt if you were technical, had a couple of years of software engineering experience, had worked at a corporation before, or had done research on something useful that can be spun off into a deep tech startup.